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Empowering Authors. Publishing Legacies.

When I first signed on with Dominique Edmond to begin my book writing process I had no idea what to expect. The entire process was a complete success!  Day one Dominique laid a firm structure of what to expect until completion.  He was very professional to say the least.  He introduced the expectations, blueprint, goals, step by step actions to reach those goals and held me accountable every step of the way.  Midway through the process I hit a mental block and felt I could no longer write.  Dominique really helped me to move past that mental block and identify my creative style to where I was able to write again. He cared about me throughout the process and paid attention not only to my well being but the presentation of the finished product.  When it comes to writing and publishing a book, Dominique is definitely my first pick each and every time. He works with integrity, professionalism, and attention to detail.  He will work with you exactly where you are to see you through completion. Such a pleasure to work with. You can't go wrong.

Lisa Harold - "When Will You Quit?"

Author, Investor

Houston, TX


Dominique is an incredible asset for the whole process of writing your book. He inspires and pushes ideas further to see a vision wrapped in a blanket of encouragement, focusing on accomplishing goals and intentions. His value is world class as he adds spark and purpose, creating momentum and magnitude for a powerful vortex that sweeps forward a magical journey. Embrace this mystical experience by stepping into the flow, and drawing an adventure near to encapsulate, translate, and organize a customized book that truly fits your own desires. He teaches natural flow while focusing on the true message intended for the world, and more importantly, a legacy for yourself, escalating growth and expansion. 

Thank you Mr. Edmond for powerfully guiding me on this incredible adventure!! Get excited!!

Truly Grateful!

Keysha James, MS - "Intimately Free"

Author, Health Psycholgist

Goodwell, OK


Dominique helped to turn my dream and desire to write and publish my book into a reality! He takes a subtle yet extremely effective approach to help you set realistic goals every step of the way, while allowing you to have creative control over your creation. He is very motivating and at times when I had doubts about my abilities and what I was creating, he was encouraging and always reminded me of my purpose, why I started in the first place, and the importance of getting my message out. He kept this momentum throughout the entire process and before I knew it we were exceeding our own expectations and my book was published a month before the deadline we initially set! I am very grateful to have had Dominique guide me through the process of publishing my book as he made the process seem effortless! Many thanks to you!!!

Kimberly Franklin - "Don't Take it Personal, Sis"

Author, Entrepreneur

Port Allen, LA


I started my book about a year ago, but I wasn't motivated and I was only able to complete the introduction. Then, I found out about Dominique Edmond, an amazing entrepreneur with a book-writing and publishing business. Dom knew I, and other future authors in our group, needed help getting our books published, and he wasn't about to let us down. We started learning the process in early February and then took off writing our books. I was a little slow at first, but you can't help but get inspired by Dominique's motivational messages every Monday. They're just one key to taking the mundaneness out of life. Because of Dominique's help, I'm done with my book and now I'm editing it. So, there you have it!  All you need in life to be successful is a good, motivational coach and a determination to get the job done. You can do it with Dom and God's help! So, don't play around! Go for it!

Daniel Lanford - "Never Give Up"

Author, Teacher's Aid

Baton Rouge, LA


I had an amazing journey writing my book and being coached by Dominique.  I put off writing a book for so many years because it was such an intimidating and overwhelming thought - I wasn't sure if it could become a reality. In the end, I wished I had done it sooner because following Dom's simple system put my goal of being a published author within my reach.  All in Gods timing though, it was well worth the wait.  The process was very smooth and encouraging. Throughout every weekly coaching call, I was literally guided through the whole process.  Also, doing the pre-orders to be able to pay for services and fees was an awesome experience that was also so encouraging for me.  I can't wait to write another book! Thanks coach Dom!

Brandon Thompson - "Living My Best Worship"

Author, Praise & Worship Leader

Baker, LA


I was so blessed to take part in Dominique Edmond's group-coaching program! Every Monday evening, my brother and I would join in on the amazing conference calls. These were designed to encourage us and other authors on our writing journey towards becoming published authors. My favorite part was the spiritual enrichment that Dominique poured into the calls. With the accountability, I was able to finish my book within a few months. This was a real growth step for me, both spiritually and physically. I became dedicated to write every week and grow in becoming a strong woman of God, through proclaiming His Word over my life. I am so thankful to God for enabling me to come this far and to inspire others!

Anna Joy Lanford - "Set the Captives Free"


Baton Rouge, LA


I have always wanted to write!  I have dreamed about it and talked about it forever.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to write and publish my first book.  Thank you so much, Dominique, for making an affordable way for me to express myself through writing.  Thank you for all the encouragement and wisdom you have poured into me and others in our enrichment group.  I am currently participating in Dominique’s Course and I love and appreciate the workbook he wrote on how to get published.  The workbook gave me guidance and direction.  The Rich Way Enrichment classes have been inspiring.  It has been helpful to have others share their challenges,  struggles and accomplishments.  This is all very exciting because I can finally see my dream becoming a reality in time for the holidays!  I am interested in writing more books including Children’s Books in the future.

Vanessa Davis - "Rebound"

Author, Special Services Manager

Center, TX


Working with Dominique was a great eye opening experience and I learned a ton about writing. Thankfully, I knew what I wanted to write about at first but as far as exactly how to do it, my brain was definitely very foggy. Over the course of around just six months Dominique coached me and led me through the process of writing my book, helping with ideas and giving me much needed constructive, positive feedback on my writing. There is no way I would have been able to write my book the way it is written without his help and guidance along the way. One of the most surprising and uplifting things that Dominique was great at was the fact that he was patient with me through the entire process. He took the time to work with me even during the weeks where I struggled the most with my writing. It made me feel like he truly cared about the success that my book would bring me in my life once it was completed and he wanted to make sure every step happened when I felt I was ready for it to happen. To top it all off, every dime I invested into having EPW help me write and publish my book, I made back. And what's more is that I made it all back within the first month of selling my book, NO PROBLEM! He is a man that truly cares about the success of others. For anyone that has ever wanted to or even thought about writing a book, without a second thought, I would highly recommend Dominique Edmond to be your guy. He will help you get the job done and make the vision you have in your mind for your book a reality.

Zachary Grant - "Quotes by People Wiser Than Me"

Author, Martial Arts Instructor

Prairieville, LA


Writing a book was something I’ve always wanted to do, so when I met Dominique Edmond and he shared with me the process and the affordability of it, I was really excited!  The whole process was a teaching tool for both me and my family and we couldn’t wait for the finished product of "The Spirit of Cayo Hueso!"  Thanks to Dominique and Empoword Publishing Worldwide, I have completed something off of my dream board as well as created an asset for me and my family. 

Thank you!

Stephanie Karch - "The Spirit of Cayo Hueso"


Key West, FL


First, I want to say I never thought I would be able to write a book. I had always wanted to, but my thought was always that writing a book would be too hard. Running into Dom at a coffee house was a blessing because I found out he was helping people write their books. He encouraged me to move forward with my project in which I did. With Dom’s guidance, experience, and inspiration I wrote my first book. This is one of the best accomplishments in my life. Dom makes the process so simple, you can’t help but to be successful if you put the work in. Thank you Dom, you have been a blessing to me.

Donald Goree - "Living Proof"

Author, Business Owner

Baton Rouge, LA


When I first signed on with Dominique, to begin my journey in writing my book, I had no idea what to expect. I had a deep desire to write a book, but I was so unsure within myself, I just knew I couldn't  do it. I was so wrong for thinking that.

A friend knew my desire, and signed me up for Dominique's class and on day one, Dominique covered the importance of a sure foundation. He laid a firm structure of what to expect until completion.  He was very professional, and it was obvious that he had good intentions towards me.  He introduced the expectations, blueprint, goals, and step-by-step actions to reach those goals.
Midway through, a feeling of giving up overwhelmed me. I thought I just couldn't do it, and I told myself,
I am quitting! I would miss conference calls to put the writing off, but the Holy Ghost would not let me rest.
It was a group of us writing our books simultaneously, however, Dominique took time out to personally reach out to each writer each week. When it was my turn he could hear what I was feeling in my heart, words, and voice.
He paused a moment, and the next words came out of his mouth were the exact words of life that I needed to hear.
He said, "Sister Kathleen, imagine a woman sitting at a table, reading your book, being encouraged, being delivered." Those words painted a mental picture in my mind and heart; I saw her sitting there.

Dominique's spirit-filled words were what I needed to propel me across my finish line. Because Dominique was so caring, seeing my needs as an author, and he was so passionate about me completing my book, today I am very proud to say, "I am A Published Author!"
Blessings to you Dominique!

Kathleen E. Gie - "Hey Girl, Let's Talk!"

Author, Adult Learning Instructor
Baton Rouge, LA


At 80 years old I had never thought much about writing a book until Dominique began to talk to me and kept encouraging and motivating me to write a book about my life experiences and how helpful it would be to others. I would write a few hundred words and really struggle to get started back to writing. Dominique would call and coach me every Monday and check on my progress, sometimes it would be good, I would have written 800 or more words, and sometimes there would be several weeks before I would write anything.  Writing is a matter of just sitting down and doing it.  

Dominique is very knowledgeable and professional in book writing and very patient. He is always there to help you jump over all hurdles.  Dominique has authored many books himself. He is very updated on Tec knowledge. A very Godly young man. What seemed to be very difficult at times, Dominique would make it so simple. Thanks, Dominique!

Carl Everett - "Great is His Faithfulness"

Author, Pastor

Baton Rouge, LA


For some time I had been working on trying to right a book. I pretty much knew what I wanted to put into the book, but going about setting up the structure, formatting, editing, cover design and the whole nine yards of getting a book published was a different story. And The Lord sent Dominique Edmond along, I say that because for me he was just that a God sent. He made the journey a whole lot less complicated. Being walked through the process step by step, having someone to answer questions when I got stuck or confused is invaluable, not to mention the experts on his team that have you covered in putting out a professional finished product. I really can’t say enough on how much I appreciate Dominique’s encouragement, and professionalism, I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.

Gilbert Hawkins - "Fit to Serve"

Author, Life Coach, Business Owner

Baker, LA


I was amazed at the process and how it played out from start to end, from the idea to write a book to actually being published! The system, complete with coaching, encouragement, affirmations, and guidance were presented in a supportive and easily understood manner! And it works!!!! Biggest thing I learned: Everyone has a story and everyone can write a book. All you need is a vision and a system!

Clay Morris - "Inspired Cooking with Clay Morris"

Author, IMD

Denham Springs, LA


I am so grateful for Mr. Dominique and the EPW team!
Mr. Dominique really encouraged me to publish my book and tell my story! Every step of the way he was right there coaching me every week! My book is now published and I am about to have my first book signing! Thanks to Mr. Dominique and PEW team.

Ericka Caldwell - "Broken but Blessed"

Author, Teacher

Zachary, LA


Beginning the process of writing a book seemed like an overwhelming task. For years it was in my heart to do so but never dared to. Reconnecting with Dominique was not a coincidence. The way he laid out the road map and connected the dots made the process flow with ease. Each step was orchestrated and fine tuned to the author. Not only did Dominique provide top notch professional service, he also gave a personal touch to the process. Although work was being done, it truly felt like I was getting a chance to catch up and visit with my brother. From prewriting to publishing, every thing was done with a spirit of excellence. I truly believe you are doing yourself a disservice by not connecting with Dominique and the EPW team. I highly recommend utilizing this Kingdom Jewel when approaching your writing and publishing needs.

Brandon Nora - "Creating Harmony in the Key of You"

Author, Pastor, Educator

St. Martinville, LA


I started my experience with Dominique September 6th, 2020 and finished about April, 2021.
I didn't know Domonique, but the Lord made the connection through one of our pastors at Bethany Church
surprisingly, he called me one day and said this pastor asked him to call me and help me write a book. .I accepted the help .not knowing what to expect, I had absolutely NO
desire to write a book, neither did I have a desire to write a book. However, during our conversation, I felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit which confirmed that this was the Lord. Domonique asked me for a good time to connect by phone. He was very professional! I looked forward to his conference call every Monday. He shared with me, step by step, what to expect of him-including finance, and he also held me, without any pressure, accountable to his instructions. Dominique passionately shared the entire "Book My Success". When I didn't follow through, he would say "Ok, lets do this and then we'll move forward"
these are some of his encouraging phrases: Get excited!!, Great, Good job! Now, you're making progress, We're almost there, get excited!! Dominique was always accessible. He always gave me the ok to text him any concerns, or questions. He even went the extra mile with me-allowing my support system-my children, to interact with him On my behalf.
Also, Domonique has a strong support and unified team. Ginger, the editor, is so thorough and professional-always working to make things better!. I find. Dominique to be a professional, positive, and motivative publisher as well as an anointed, effective, encouraging entrepreneur that God has given to the Body of Christ for such a time as this. Thank you Dominique for helping me to make my book, "GO, AND EXPECT MIRACLES, " an overwhelming success, EVEN IN OLD AGE
Lucille Anderson - "Go, and Expect Miracles"

Author, Evangelist

Baton Rouge, LA


I knew from the first call that this program was exactly what I needed. Firm and informative, Mr. Edmond guided by way of wisdom and divine inspiration moved this author from powerless to EMPOWERED!

The Empowered Publishing team guides you step-by-step through the book writing process. There were so many things I did not yet understand. I’m glad I allowed his leading because I can see now the how’s and why’s of the processes that he implements.

May every person you meet move with integrity but because they don’t we have reviews. I appreciate the Empowered Publishing team and highly recommended their services.

Shirlette Powell

Author, Mommy, Friend, Entrepreneur

Baton Rouge, LA

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